Feb 212018
New LIVE video - Chris Cornell Cover

  This year has been all about Chris Cornell so I could only end it with this humble tribute to him. Thanks to the amazing Will Miles for his voice and guitar playing and Ryanite Whitwell (Shotison Media) for filming us Live.

Dec 042017

Let me be your Christmas present for someone you love! Buy a Trial lesson as a present and I will send you a gift voucher!                 BUY IT HERE! http://www.silfiore.co.uk/take_singing_lessons/

Jun 252017
Chris Cornell Tribute concert

I had the honour of being invited to pay tribute to Chris Cornell, one of the most inspiring and technically incredible singers that ever lived.

Apr 012017
My new project Blue Spirit Blues - A Tribute to Bessie Smith

Jazz and blues vocalist Bessie Smith’s powerful, soulful voice won her countless fans and earned her the title “Empress of the Blues.” http://www.silfiore.co.uk/blues/ She has been a primary influence for countless female vocalists including me Here is my humble tribute to her and to the origins of Blues in its purest form, in duo with [...]

Sep 152014
Sil Fiore Singing LIVE

Here’s a LIVE video with my band Sibilla! Hi guys, this is Sil Fiore, East-London vocal coach for TVS. Me and my band recorded a series of LIVE videos. Here is White and Blue flower, I hope you enjoy it: Have a look! http://www.sibillamusic.co.uk

Jan 022014
East London Singing Lessons

East London Singing Lessons With Sil Fiore : Just The Thing For You? East London singing lessons with experienced voice coach Sil Fiore could be just the thing for you if you are looking to take the next step in your vocal education. Especially if your live in Tower Hamlets or Hackney, Leyton, Stratford, Leytonstone [...]

Dec 202013
New Video - Sil performing Octave Sirens

Here’s My New Octave Sirens Video! Hi guys, this is Sil Fiore, East-London vocal coach for TVS. I just made this great new video I thought I would share with you. In it I demonstrate how to perform octave sirens. Octave sirens are a vocal exercise that should be part of any professional singer’s exercise [...]

Apr 142013
The Four Pillars Of Singing

The Book Used By Sil Fiore and Voice Coaches All Over the World Sil Fiore is a TVS Certified Instructor. The Vocalist Studio (TVS), was founded by Robert Lunte who created a method of voice training which enables you to control your voice based on scientific methods and add octaves to your voice. Robert has [...]