Jul 192020
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Singers are often song writers and although I believe only an experienced producer can get an album done I think it’s fundamental to have the ability of recording your music at a much higher quality than phone recorder. Trying out arrangements and sounds that you have envisioned.

Syd Kemp produced , record, mixed and toured with amazing bands from all over the world, such as Thurston Moore, Ulrika Spacek, Vanishing Twin, Kikagaku Moyo, Julien Gash and The Feeeling. He is the head engineer of Wilton Way Studios and The Haha Sounds. Syd has such a wide knowledge and since he has a super efficient way of working he’s able to teach you what You need, whether is recording your demos or becoming a producer.

Contact Syd for more info on his program and quote Sil Fiore for a special price