Apr 142013
TVS Certified Instructor Badge Sil Fiore East London Voice Coach

International Team Of Top Singing Instructors

Sil Fiore is part of The Vocalist Studio Certified Instructor Program. Here’s what that entails:

TVS International is a team of top voice coaches from around the world. TVS Certified Instructors are specialists in teaching the techniques of The Vocalist Studio, or “TVS”. TVS techniques for singing are considered to be some of the best an innovative in the world. As TVS Certified Instructors, all TVS teachers are experts in training students register bridging, radical range expansion, vowel modification, vocal distortion, vocal modes, appoggio respiration techniques and intrinsic anchoring are just some of the components that TVS Certified Instructors have mastered. Combined with the TVS methodology of training students with live amplification, training work flows, focused siren drills and a strong emphasis on calibrating and tuning onsets, TVS certified instructors offer students exactly what they are looking for. When the techniques are effective and get quick results, students come back and a viable voice coaching studio is established.

The TVS Certified Instructor program was developed to offer voice teachers or individuals that have an interest in beginning a career as professional, voice coaches and experts in TVS techniques. TVS Certified Instructors are members of a growing International family of top vocal coach talent, dedicated to taking world-class vocal technique to as many singers in the world as possible.

TVS Certified Instructors work together to produce events around the world with the “Training Vocal Athletes” Master Classes. These events bring singers and voice teachers together from many countries to share new vocal techniques that would not otherwise be presented to singers.

TVS International currently offers certified instructors in Italy, Germany, France, US and Switzerland. We are actively recruiting to expand our International team. At this time and will accept applications from experienced voice teachers from any country. Teachers from Canada, UK, China, Holland, Spain, Russia, Japan, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil and Mexico are of particular interest at this time. If you are interested in joining the TVS International team of Certified Instructors and Experts, contact any TVS CI or visit the contact page.