Apr 142013

Master Vocal Coach, Clinician, Author & Singer

Robert Lunte is an internationally recognized voice coach and teacher, author and producer of popular training techniques for extreme singing. As one of the most innovative vocal coaches in the world today, Mr. Lunte helps contemporary singers learn new extreme singing techniques. Mr. Lunte is also the author and producer of the popular vocal training system that offers singers a unique and comprehensive collection of over 435 video and audio that teach singers advanced vocal techniques. The training system, “The Four Pillars of Singing” has sold in over 90 countries world-wide.

Robert’s Mentors

As the protege’ to the late Maestro David P. Kyle, (Geoff Tate-Queensryche, Layne Staley-Alice in Chains, Chris Cornell Soundgarden/Audioslave, Ronnie Monroe-Metal Church, Ann Wilson-Heart), TVS is pushing the envelope of what contemporary vocalists can achieve and helping to pioneer a new breed of “vocal athletes”.

Robert’s Approach To Singing

Mr. Lunte’s innovative approach focuses on two skills with great expertise that all singers seek to achieve; the ability to seamlessly bridge chest and head resonance, isolation of all constriction or breakage and head voice development to create full and powerful tone. Mastering the TVS “Bridging & Connecting” techniques, results in amazing range with complete vocal freedom with convincing glass shattering power. This is training for “vocal athletes”.

Masterclasses With Robert

Mr. Lunte’s “Training Vocal Athletes Master Class” is unique in the industry because participants learn some of the most cutting-edge vocal techniques in the world in a fun and exciting presentation. Additionally, companies that provide tools and technology for singers also enjoy an opportunity to sponsor the event. For host teachers and schools, the event offers a chance for your school to participate in the TVS Certified Instructor Program.

The Modern Vocalist World

Mr. Lunte is also the founder and CEO of The Modern Vocalist.com, an International organization that hosts the world’s number one online social network for singers. At The Modern Vocalist.com, singers and vocal enthusiasts can enjoy world-class educational content, career networking, pro audio recommendations and research for singers.

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