Apr 142013

What Is The TVS Method?

Sil Fiore is a certified instructor in The Vocalist Studio method of training your voice. The TVS Method involves the calibration of the physiological and acoustic singing components required for great singing, into organized ‘packages’ and ‘sets’, groupings of technique details.

These grouped physiological and acoustic components are further organized into sequential work flows during the practice of original TVS vocalise to achieve an extremely calibrated and coordinated, high performance phonation that is applied to the art of singing. By training onsets and sirens with sequential work flows, the shortest path to building extraordinary muscle memory and auditory imagery skills needed for singing are developed in the shortest period of time.

The TVS Groupings; The Onset Package, The Phonation Package, The Intrinsic Anchoring Set, and The Embouchure Set. Students develop great vocal habits, so that singing becomes balanced continuously and consistently throughout the vocal range and a high performance human phonation capability is developed, to apply to the art of singing.

What is The Vocalist Studio (TVS)?

The Vocalist Studio offers one of the leading voice techniques and methodologies in the world for contemporary voice study. Robert Lunte and his International team have developed one of the most innovative sets of techniques and products for singers recognized anywhere.

In particular, for existing students of singing, TVS training will unveil the mystery of how the voice really works and show you a path to results that were missing in other vocal programs. For beginners of singing, TVS establishes the best foundation for singers that seek to get serious about their training anywhere in the world.

Most beginning students enjoy huge results in less than 60-90 days of serious training. Always cutting the edge of innovation and technology, TVS is making waves in the industry and is setting new standard on what voice training can be. If you are interested in unlocking the mystery and confusion around vocal technique, TVS has the answers for you. Robert Lunte and The Vocalist Studio are prepared to deliver the results.

What are some of the innovative techniques I will learn at TVS?

  • Seamless Bridging of the chest & head voice for incredible range and freedom from strain.
  • Replace Falsetto (windy) vocal sounds in the head voice with a full and convincing sound.
  • Learn how to product vocal distortion (rasp) without damaging your voice while sounding incredible.
  • Robert Lunte is a recognized expert in training vocal twang. TVS is one of the few vocal training programs in the world that currently utilizes the new techniques of combining classic teaching principles with the science of laryngeal physiology and the acoustic effects they produce, referred to as “vocal modes”.
  • Learn how to rapidly accelerate your progress as a singer by deploying “The TVS Onset Package”.
  • Learn about “The TVS Intrinsic Anchoring” set to create stability in your singing and produce rich overtones in the head voice that can literally amaze audiences from any genre’.
  • Learn the difference between “Light Mass Singing vs Medium Mass Singing” and why this is may be the missing link that will unlock the “push” in your singing in less than 10 minutes.
  • Understand the physiological and acoustic components required to produce a high performance phonation and then learn how to train those components into sequential work flows to create a level of muscle memory, power and balance never before seen from any other vocal training system in the world.
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